How To Maximize The Use of Our Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Doctors are expected to be able to resolve any health concern that a patient might have. To do this, they require the help of a reliable and competent health team that can assist in various aspects of patient care. One of the essential healthcare team members is the virtual medical assistant.

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled individual who provides administrative and clinical aid to doctors from remote locations. They are an essential asset to any practice as they can help to improve the efficiency and organization of the office.

virtual medical assistant services

The Dilemma of Primary Providers

The physician’s job is becoming increasingly difficult as the demand for their services grows. In addition to their clinical duties, they must also manage their own offices, staff, and patients.

Like most people, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the constant changes in the healthcare industry. Between ever-changing policies on updating electronic health record systems and insurance verification, it is hard to keep up with the latest news and updates.

virtual medical assistant services

Virtual Medical Assistants

Recently it has gotten more challenging to keep regular staff with the increased overhead and rent costs, among other things. It is also challenging to deal with interstate member case management teams due to increasing gas prices which inhibit transportation. 

Increasing expenses for employee benefits, transportation costs, office maintenance, and utilities have become an additional stressor for primary care providers who already have a lot on their plates. It might seem overwhelming to keep a private clinic running smoothly. Luckily, there is a solution – virtual medical assistants.

What Is A Virtual Healthcare Assistant?

A virtual receptionist is a remote worker who provides administrative support to doctors and other healthcare professionals. Having a virtual staff is like having a certified nursing assistant, only that they work in a different location.

It means you do not have to worry about employee benefits, transportation costs, or overtime pay. You can hire additional staff without needing to rent a bigger space or worrying about the extra utility costs. You can also work with a team based in different states, which can be helpful if you practice in multiple states. 

Quality employees can be found if you have the right staffing company for the job. They can handle the training, certification, and any other requirement that your state, board, or field of specialty might require. You can even outsource to a different country and save even more.

Gather Patient Medical History Remotely

Most virtual assistants already have previous relevant training in healthcare which enables them to gather patient history and assist doctors as naturally as any in-house staff. They can also be your assistant if you wish, so you need not worry about your subsequent appointments or engagements.

A virtual assistant can also help with billing and coding. They are up-to-date with the latest ICD10 and CPT codes. It is vital as it helps to ensure that you are reimbursed for your services. Delayed paperwork can cause delays in the process of you getting reimbursed, which could lead to budget shorts and the necessity to take out a loan.

When you are trying to balance everything, you will find yourself overwhelmed at the end of the day and could easily miss out on deadlines and even be distracted when examining people in the clinic. Virtual assistance can help you avoid that avalanche of mishaps in your finances and profession.

Competition is fierce in the virtual staffing industry, and you can easily find a quality company that would fit your budget. Finding the right staffing company to provide you with the virtual assistant that your practice needs can be life-changing for you and your staff.

How Can They Help?

Virtual medical assistants can help maximize your clinic’s efficiency by handling most or all of the administrative tasks that can be accomplished remotely. The following functions can be delegated to virtual assistants:

Multi-tasking work

Quality support

By utilizing the knowledge of virtual medical assistants and their sound foundation in medical terminology and medical practices, you would be able to resolve access for people who cannot contact you within regular clinic hours for clarification or verification. This would also be beneficial for you to record so you can address pain points and possible areas of improvement for you and your staff. This information allows you to take your practice to greater heights when you set your standards to aim at being the best in your field.

Word-of-mouth recommendations are valuable when you want to grow your business. If your patient has an emergency in the middle of the night, it would be beneficial to know they have a way to contact or inform you even if you can’t be at the emergency room. The thought that you are aware of everything that happens to them concerning their health differentiates you in a good way.

24-hour support

For a medical provider to position themselves as the best medical practice that delivers patient care that can be differentiated from all others, your approach has to be able to give support to your patients at any time of the day. Your virtual staff can cover your practice by going on shifts to handle incoming calls and documenting them so that your in-house team is updated and aware of everything that happens every change.

Imagine coming to work knowing that your documentation and tracking systems are updated. You only have to wait for people to come in for their appointment and have the time and energy to attend to them. Your staff will have their work cut out for them when they arrive at the clinic if your virtual team has everything prepared for them regarding calls that need their attention or for any appointment cancellations.

Quality care

Virtual medical assistant services may have a registered medical assistant with vast experience in establishing trusting relationships essential for better quality patient care. One of the primary responsibilities of a virtual assistant is to follow specific nursing protocols in electronic record management and follow-up provider visits.

Previous relevant medical training is an asset.

A virtual assistant with EMR charting experience ensures accurate entry and updating of medical records in real time. Background checks are done extensively by staffing companies to ensure that your virtual assistant has the necessary knowledge about your practice so they will be in a position to benefit your clinic.

Some staffing companies make up for the lack of relevant education of their virtual staff through rigorous training and simulations. Anyone willing to learn and work to help others can be trained to handle any administrative work. Tracking their results and constant feedback could make them the unlikely asset you would have otherwise missed.

Virtual assistant doing office tasks

Another way that virtual assistants can support your practice is ensuring timely delivery of any medical equipment needed for the office from contracted transportation companies. You need not worry about the equipment or supplies you ordered and when you will receive them. You need not worry about calling them if you prefer your virtual staff to place the order for you entirely.

A virtual assistant also coordinates servicing to other practices and follows up on any other services that clients and doctors might need. Treating humans requires addressing more than just their physical well-being; they are also social beings.

A recent study showed how first impressions affect long-term relationships, and it was found that it takes less than 2 seconds for someone to form a first impression. That is why holistically treating people is essential—healthy relationships foster trust, which would translate to better adherence to health plans and treatments.

High-stress environment

The pandemic has rocked many people to the core and none more than the health industry. While it is essential for everyone to get vaccinated, it can mean life or death during the first few months for those on the frontline. People were afraid to go out, and some employers were hesitant to call their employees back to work unless they were vaccinated. This did not only pose a threat to their livelihood, but it became a source of anxiety for most people.

Virtual assistance has become vital for any Medicare-recognized organization and health facilities to stay updated with any ongoing activities in the healthcare industry without worrying about a fully vaccinated staff. Having to deal with a lot of stuff can induce unnecessary work-related stress for you and your team, but over a few months after the virus hit, not being able to go to work soared to the top as a cause for various mental health issues.

Connections matter

You can also utilize their collaborative relationships to update your medical practice with the latest job alert, tracking systems, booster shots, policies about medication injections, insurance, and other healthcare-related procedures.

Being well-connected in the digital world enables people access to information in seconds compared to the past. One can now find the best medications and treatment anywhere in the world with the right connections.

Happier staff

By freeing your in-house staff from various paperwork, you are opening them to limitless possibilities of finding ways to elevate their delivery of quality care for your patients. Less stressed and more focused on their clinical tasks would mean that they are more fulfilled and happier in their job.

Say goodbye to hearing your staff snap at people in the clinic because they have a lot going on personally and professionally on top of the demands of their day-to-day work. Although it is not a reason to let y our steam out on others, it can be challenging to do so when you are overwhelmed with work.


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Prevent burn out

It also helps to alleviate the pressure to replace burnt-out employees regularly since it can be pretty stressful at any one point in time in any healthcare setting. Most people would instead leave the practice and seek employment elsewhere than the possibility of snapping out at others. This would be very disadvantageous for you if you constantly need to replace your office assistant as that would entail orientation, training, and adjustment before leaving them to run the office in a way that meets your standard.

Maintaining your regular staff who are familiar with your patient’s needs is a valuable asset. They know how to care for them and what they prefer during visits for it to go as smoothly as possible. They would also be able to anticipate your needs and preferences; that way, you need not worry about being away for a vacation if you have to.

Continuing education online

Ensuring that your schedule and your practice are organized and up to date means that you can enjoy more time for other activities as a doctor. You can now attend online conferences to improve your practice further, take time off to attend your children’s events, and go out with friends you haven’t been in touch with for a while.

Live life

Taking time off to realize what it is you’re working so hard for and why allows you to keep achieving and exceeding your personal and professional goals. This would prevent physician burnout that is commonly plaguing the health industry and robbing it of its significant assets.

Having a good life-work balance would mean better quality care for your patients and more time to see new clients. Be the doctor you dream you can be and elevate your practice to greater heights by maximizing the potential of your virtual assistants.

How can a virtual assistant save you time and money?

A virtual assistant can help to save you time and money in several ways. First, they can take care of patient phone calls, schedule appointments, update records, and refill prescriptions remotely.

Remote support

You don’t have to hire and train additional staff, saving you time and money. You can have your staffing company handle the HR details and training by specifying the needs of your practice.

Delegate HR work

Since staffing companies are equipped to provide virtual assistants that meet your needs, you do not have to bother with posting a job alert to hire additional help for your practice.

Virtual assistants at work

Additionally, a virtual medical assistant can work from your caller ID, making it look like you have an extra staff member in the office. This can help improve your office’s efficiency and save you money on overhead costs.

Elevate your practice

You only pay a fraction for a virtual assistant than you would like a regular in-house employee. You do not have to worry about employee benefits or overtime pay for a virtual assistant; you can even ask your staffing company for a 24-hour coverage rate for your practice.


Save on costs

If you’re a doctor starting with your private practice, you probably have a lot of expenses already on top of the equipment and tools needed to offer your services. Administrative tasks can be daunting, especially for a new practice, and this is where virtual medical assistants can best benefit you. You can start with one in-house virtual assistant to start your training and offer the services you want.

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If you’re looking for a way to maximize the efficiency of your office, a virtual medical assistant may be the perfect solution. They can handle phone calls, refill prescriptions, and update patient records remotely. By utilizing a virtual medical assistant, you can improve the efficiency and organization of your office for a fraction of the cost of hiring additional staff.

Overall, a virtual medical assistant can help improve your office’s efficiency and organization while also saving you time and money. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the changes in the healthcare industry, a virtual medical assistant may be the solution for you.