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Electronic Medical Transcription Services in Boston, Massachusetts

For the hardworking physicians and medical companies of Boston, Massachusetts, providing patients the attention and care they both need and deserve often becomes hard to manage due to transcribing and filing of medical records and documents. Doctors often have to work tirelessly beyond office hours to keep up with the seemingly endless stack of paperwork which crosses their desks on a daily basis. As an industry-leading provider of accurate audio transcriptions, we feel that our software and expertise could be utilized to improve the daily lives of medical professionals and their patients.

In Portiva’s efforts to improve office efficiency and medical record accuracy, we’ve developed a revolutionary medical transcription service which utilizes advanced, reliable speech-to-text transcription technologies and our team of highly-trained medical transcriptionists which guarantees 99.5% accuracy for our customers. No matter if our low-cost electronic transcription services are utilized by hospitals or in the offices of healthcare providers, Portiva’s transcription solutions create more hours in the day for medical professionals to spend taking care of their patients’ needs.

Medical Transcription Services in Boston, Massachusetts :

Medical Transcription Provider in Boston, MA

The Benefits of Portiva’s Speech-to-Text Transcriptions?

As the most trusted providers of medical transcription services for physicians, hospitals, and practices all across the country, including Boston, Massachusetts, Portiva strives for the highest levels of transcription accuracy found across the EMR industry online. Our state-of-the-art software is compliant with all Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and has benefited offices and physicians on a multitude of levels, including:

For our team of highly-trained experts of medical transcription at Portiva, we value and understand the importance of confidentiality and transcription accuracy when it comes to handling patient records and physician notes for medical practices and companies, which is why we ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations and guarantee discretion with sensitive information. When you partner with Portiva as your provider of electronic medical transcription services, our certified medical transcriptionists are assured to help get your medical staff organized and increase office productivity.

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To find out more information about Portiva’s electronic medical transcription services, and the ways in which we’ve been able to help physicians and medical companies around the country streamline office productivity and accuracy through advanced speech-to-text transcriptions, give us a call today or fill out a contact form online today. For over a decade, Portiva’s team of highly-trained medical transcriptionists have grown to be known as the provider of the highest quality speech-to-text transcription services offered across the industry. With the help of our transcriptionists’ expertise and the use of advanced software, Portiva guarantees that our customers across all aspects of the medical industry, and a variety of other business applications, will be more accurate and organized than ever before.