What A Remote Medical Scribe Can Do For Your Practice

Every day, in medical practice, several tasks need to be completed. From answering phones to handling billing, many essential duties must be taken care of. Whether you are in a city or a rural location large city, the amount of documentation required in the healthcare field can be overwhelming. And while it’s often the in-office staff responsible for completing these tasks, there is another option that can help lighten their load: a remote medical scribe.

A healthcare virtual assistant has the experience and knowledge to complete these tasks accurately and efficiently. Additionally, they can work continuously, which can help take some pressure off your in-office staff during busy times.

 Embrace the possibility of growing your profession for a fraction of the cost

 If you’re looking for a way to improve your efficiency and bottom line, consider hiring a remote medical scribe. They could assist in lightening the workload burden off your in-office staff so they can enjoy life after office hours and be energized enough to have an optimistic temperament conducive to optimal patient care.

 The medical scribe program can help you in some ways. By delegating tasks to remote medical scribes, you need not worry about documentation in the exam room with a patient. Patients sometimes feel uncomfortable during a physical exam, especially when someone else is in the room. This makes a virtual scribe beneficial to assist you in the exam room by documenting everything that occurs virtually, as opposed to having an on-site scribe.

What are remote medical scribes?

A virtual medical scribe is a healthcare professional who provides administrative support to a doctor or medical practice. Virtual medical scribes can handle a wide range of clerical duties. They can take calls, set up appointments, check insurance, process payments, send and receive medical records, update your EHR system, and more. Virtual medical scribes on your team can help you improve your practice’s efficiency and bottom line.

 A virtual medical scribe is familiar with the administrative side of things, so you can be sure they can handle anything that comes their way. Here are some of the ways a virtual medical scribe can help you:

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is transcribing medical records from dictated notes by doctors or other healthcare professionals into clinical notes. This is vital in the medical field as it ensures that all information recorded during a patient’s visit is made available in written form for future reference.

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Medical transcriptionists must have excellent listening and typing skills and a strong knowledge of medical terminology. They must be able to understand the content of the dictation and accurately transcribe it for the physician to review in the future.

 Virtual medical scribes can help your practice by providing accurate and up-to-date medical scribe services in real time. This will help ensure that all your patient records are appropriately documented at every visit and easily accessible for a busy provider.

Medical scribe at work

 Doctors will see more patients, and the staff will give optimal patient care because trained scribes handle the medical documentation of each patient visit in real-time. A virtual scribe may be hired to assist the doctor or their staff in documenting important information and ensuring that the document has the complete, HIPAA-compliant data required for medical practices to keep.

 The scribe program ensures accurate data entry to lessen the burden on you and your staff and benefit your clients. Procedures take much time to be authorized and approved by insurance companies due to incomplete data or information from the patient or the provider. This can make life difficult for your patient, who might need to get that specific procedure done in a limited period. You can avoid this when virtual assistants handle the paperwork for you.

Answering phones

Answering phones is one of the essential tasks for a medical practice, but you would not want your in-house staff to be stuck with it. Having your phones ringing off the hook means good business, but it could also keep your staff behind the desk rather than being out there to support you and your clients.

Give the desk job to your virtual scribe instead.

 Virtual medical scribes can handle this task so you and your staff can focus on meeting the patient’s needs and deliver other services that require you to be physically present, like physical examination and taking vital signs. This will ensure excellent customer care for every patient who comes to you for help.

Scheduling appointments

Patients must be able to schedule appointments promptly, and you need to be able to keep track of your schedule. Many things can happen when any of these are taken for granted or forgotten, which is not uncommon for a busy line of work.

 Virtual scribes can handle this remotely to save on overhead and employee costs. They also promote provider productivity while preventing physician burnout.

 When making appointments, there are a few things to consider. To begin with, you must confirm your scheduling appointments. To begin with, you must confirm that your scribe is familiar with your schedule. They should know when you are available and when you are not. Depending on their specialty, physicians may need extra time to address the patient’s specific needs.

 Having the optimal spacing to schedule one appointment to the next allows the provider to have an idea of how many people he can see daily and allows the staff to make the necessary preparations between client visits. Keeping the clinic clean and ready for the following clients promotes a feeling of great importance placed on your job and implies how serious you are in caring for others’ needs.

Virtual scribe handling your appointments

 The second item you must verify is that your scribe can communicate with patients. They should answer any inquiries that patients may have, including office hours, available services, diet and health plans, medication timing, prescription refills, accepted insurance plans, and provider fees.

 Your scribes may be the first person that your clients come in contact with, and this could mean gain or loss for your business. People want to be taken care of when they have health concerns, and your virtual scribe needs to have the charisma to deliver indirect care remotely.

 Third, you must guarantee that your scribe can schedule appointments on time. A patient should be able to schedule an appointment within a few days of calling. You have to consider how many people can be seen in a day and the intervals, and you also have to manage the waiting list. Your scribe has to be aware of any cancellations and should have the initiative to do due diligence and call out for others to come in instead.

Verifying insurance

There are a few considerations to make when verifying insurance. To begin with, you must confirm that your medical scribe is familiar with your insurance company’s policies. Some insurance companies have different policies for verifying insurance. One policy may require the patient’s identification card, while others may only require the name of the insurance company and the patient’s policy number.

 Scribes should be familiar with as many insurance companies as possible to avoid delays in verifying insurance. They should also be able to verify the patient’s deductible, co-pay, and out-of-pocket maximum. They should know what is covered or not in case a patient needs help. They also need to have access to the list of insurance that you are affiliated with.

 Second, you must be sure that your scribes are familiar with the claims process. Making a claim can be daunting for both the provider and the patient. The provider has to ensure that all the necessary information is included on the claim form and submitted on time. The patient has to make sure that they have their insurance card and understand their policy.

 A virtual assistant can help with the submission of insurance claims. They can make sure that all the information is included on the form and that it is accurate. They can also submit the claim promptly. This will help to ensure that there are no delays in getting reimbursed.

 The virtual assistant can also help to track the status of the claim. They can let the provider know when the claim has been processed and when they have been reimbursed. This will make it easier to maintain tabs on spending and make sure that there are At the month’s end, there are no surprises.

 Virtual assistants should also know which would qualify for a claim, inquire if necessary, how to submit one and what documentation is required. This is a cumbersome job that is time-consuming for your in-house staff, who can dedicate their energy to assisting the clients at the office.

 Thirdly, you must ensure that your scribe can contact the insurance company for any problems. They should be able to speak to a customer service representative and get the problem resolved. Sometimes it just needs someone to brainstorm with the insurance people to create a beneficial solution for everyone.

Handling billing

The process of billing can be difficult and time-consuming. It would be best if you made sure that your scribes are familiar with the billing process and can handle it quickly.

 Several considerations should be made when handling billing, and the first is that you must ensure that your scribe is familiar with your billing process. They should know how and when to submit bills and what documentation is required. They should have attention to detail to verify the numbers before submission so errors can be avoided.

Versatile and efficient medical scribes

 In the second place, you must guarantee that your scribe can contact the insurance company if there are any problems. They should be able to speak in a matter-of-fact tone and determine possible positive outcomes for all parties. They should have critical thinking skills to efficiently verify and clarify any service concerns that affect your provider and their clients.

 Thirdly, you must ensure that your scribe can keep track of payments. They should be able to track when payments are due and follow up with patients who have not paid their bills. Being organized in tracking payables and dues would ensure that your provider is well-compensated for services rendered.

 A method of organization for these has to be in place, something that others can quickly look up. This would be beneficial not only to ensure that others can cover for your virtual scribe while they are away but also for you and your staff to be aware of the financial status of your clinic.

Submitting and receiving medical records

Submitting and receiving medical records is part of the routine medical office work. You need to make sure that your scribes are familiar with submitting and receiving records and the software or programs used if any. They should know how and when to submit health records. A system must be followed for receiving and organizing health records from various healthcare agencies.

 In the second place, you must guarantee that your virtual scribe can contact the appropriate parties if there are any problems. They should be able to speak to a medical records representative or the clients and get the problem resolved. Being HIPAA compliant in the documentation of your records makes resolving concerns easy for your medical scribe.

Great scribes can converse effectively with anyone.

 Thirdly, you must ensure that your virtual scribe can keep track of all your records. They should be able to track when records are due and follow up with patients who have not received their records. They should also be able to ensure that all records are accurate and updated regularly.

Updating your EHR system

Electronic Health Records are essential to any doctor’s office, and scribes need to ensure that they are familiar with the system to keep records up to date and readily available when needed. Medical scribes should know how to update records and what documentation is required if any updates to the current information are needed.

The following is the second thing you must verify: your scribes can contact the appropriate parties if there are any problems. They should be able to speak to various agencies and patients, if necessary, to resolve any discrepancies in the records.

 The third action you must take is ensuring that your medical scribe can keep track of updates. Great attention to detail is needed to ensure everything is accurate and up to date. Delays in optimal patient care delivery can be avoided by ensuring accurate and comprehensive records are routinely kept.

Aim for a scribe that will be an asset to your career

 By delegating tasks to virtual scribes, You can relieve some of the pressure on your office personnel, so they have more time to work on more crucial tasks. And more patients would be seen by physicians. Medical scribes are trained healthcare professionals and can handle various administrative tasks and services. They can answer phones, schedule appointments, verify insurance, handle billing, submit and receive medical records, update your EHR system, and handle patient documentation in real-time. Hiring virtual medical scribes on your team can help you improve your practice’s efficiency and bottom line.

How Portiva can help

Portiva Medical Scribes are registered nurses, giving them a solid foundation to integrate quickly into your existing workflows. They can be trained to follow protocols and procedures to cover the administrative part of your office, specifically in the way you prefer.

 Your office phone can be seamlessly linked to your virtual assistant, who answers patient calls promptly. Your virtual assistant can make phone calls from your caller ID remotely, call your patients, call insurance companies, refill prescriptions, and interact with other healthcare offices seamlessly. This would not only ensure more business for your office but also take the burden off your staff and redirect their attention to your clients.

 Just as your virtual assistant can handle your phones remotely, they can also access your office computer system remotely as if they were in the office themselves. In this manner, you may be sure that your documentation is being handled promptly and accurately.

 With Portiva, you can be confident that your needs will be met even if they arise outside regular business hours. You can concentrate on your strengths – caring for your patients – while we take care of the administrative work. A virtual medical assistant is an affordable and convenient way to improve your practice’s efficiency. Contact us immediately to learn more about how we can assist.