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Our Medical Virtual Assistants can solve your staffing problems for 1/3 of the cost!

Our Medical Virtual Assistants are all highly vetted healthcare professionals based in the Philippines, where English is the official language and the first language taught in school.

Our team provides them with a proprietary training course designed by our well qualified Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, who is an expert in medical practice management. The system we have created allows us to provide your office with versatile talent that you can seamlessly train in your specific workflow.

As a result, our system provides your office with diverse talent that you can train to fit your workflow.

Tasks our $13/hour Medical Virtual Assistants successfully handle for our clients include:

$13/Hour. There are no agreements.

There are no hidden fees or setup costs with our medical Virtual Assistants, who charge $13 per hour. You can withdraw at any time because we have a no-contract policy. This reduces your risk and assures that our medical Virtual Assistants earn your business daily. The medical Virtual Assistants work your ideal hour shifts

Day in and day out, the same person

Each day, you'll be working with the same verified and qualified healthcare practitioner. Once you've trained your medical Virtual Assistant in their specialized process and software (much like an in-house employee), they'll become an integral member of your everyday workforce.

Security Training & HIPAA Certification

Our medical Virtual Assistants have trained in IT security best practices and earned HIPAA compliance training certificates. At the time of onboarding, our team confirms that their computer hardware and anti-virus software fulfill our requirements.


We install advanced time-tracking software on the pcs of our medical Virtual Assistants, allowing our internal personnel to closely monitor their internet activity/mouse movement while they are "logged in" to confirm they are being productive. If you choose, we can offer you the summary progress reports from the time tracking system.

Discover how our Medical Virtual Assistants can help your practice grow by delivering increased revenues and efficiency