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Our industry-leading vetting service ensures that doctors, dentists,
and veterinarians receive the best virtual medical assistant in
their market. Starting at $10/hour, we allow healthcare practitioners
to find quality recruits at one-fifth the cost of a full-time professional.

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Whether it is insurance verification, medical refills, record requests, or scribing, medical professionals face a lot of mundane daily tasks. Our virtual medical assistant provides value for healthcare practitioners by eliminating these daily annoyances, allowing doctors to make it home by 5 pm each evening. And don’t think that you are sacrificing quality by choosing from our medical staffing options. We only recommend top-shelf candidates eager to launch a medical career and possess the skills needed to succeed as medical assistants.

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Tell us the Tasks

One of the ways we can match you with the most qualified virtual medical assistant is to let you tell us what you want. Then, we will search our network for the best fit.


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Then, we will match you with 2-3 VAs and include their resumes and a video clip, allowing you to make an informed decision. We will also let you interview our selected candidates.


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Wait for Confirmation

When you select a candidate, we will notify them on your behalf. We also offer a 7-day trial, allowing you to test out working with your chosen medical support assistant for a week to see if it works out.


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Start Saving Money

Congratulations! You now have a healthcare virtual assistant that will make your life easier and more affordable. We provide our VAs with benefits and medical insurance.


What Our Client Say About Us

virtual medical assistant

Lori M

Thank you for making my daily life as a medical transcription coordinator a joy! I love how simple your transcription platform is to use. I no longer have to spend hours coordinating the clinical documentation work.

virtual medical assistant

Joshua K – Manager

We rely on your notification system so much. I can’t believe we spent our valuable time calling people up manually about closures and other important things that we wanted our clients to know about.

virtual medical assistant

Dr. Jay

We had an automated system for two years and were not happy. It’s a world of difference when human answer the calls. We love your service and your price.

virtual medical assistant

Dr. Garcia C

After switching to, we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of the transcripts and the turnaround time. I recommend Portiva's remote medical scribe for any medical practice out there.

virtual medical assistant
virtual medical assistant

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Frequently Asked Question

What People Ask Us

We find that nearly 80% of all medical admin tasks do not require hiring a full-time, in-house assistant. Therefore, outsourcing your administrative work saves you a ton of money on staffing while increasing efficiency.

We only hire candidates with prior medical experience as virtual medical scribe, care coordinators, or nurses. Therefore, you know you are getting someone familiar with the tasks you will delegate to them.

Our VAs help medical professionals with many tasks, including scribing, authorizations, medical refills, and several others. Any job that you can accomplish online is suitable for our virtual assistants.

Our virtual assistants do not work from home. Instead, we bring them into our office, where a team of qualified supervisors oversees their daily workload. Our team also uses online tracking software to track their daily work habits, keeping them accountable.