Why Your Practice Needs a Transcription Service Offering Simple EMR Integration

When your medical practice chooses Portiva to handle your medical transcriptions, you immediately unlock numerous benefits. You not only save money with pricing that is low and transparent, but you get flexibility in terms of the modes of dictation we support as well as our options for document delivery. You’ll get fast turnarounds, extremely high accuracy, and customer service that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online or over the phone. 

Another benefit of Portiva is our simple EMR Integration Software. Let’s explain how this attribute of Portiva can benefit your medical practice, starting with the most basic question of all:

What is EMR Integration?

EMR stands for “electronic medical record,” and is used to refer to a range of data related to a person’s medical history. For a look at what a typical EMR may contain, watch this quick video:

Access to this info is essential for patient care, which is why EMR integration is something to look for when choosing your certified medical transcriptionist service. EMR integration refers to the process of sharing this data across electronic systems. The more straightforward this process is, the easier it will be for a medical professional to access a patient’s information and provide the best care. 

What Makes Portiva’s EMR Integration So User-Friendly?

The data is easily accessible.

The alternative to using an EMR is keeping records the old-fashioned way: on paper. Paper offers numerous disadvantages, including hard-to-read handwriting and documents getting lost, to name just a couple. With an EMR, you have all of your patient’s vital information stored in a database (with data backup for added security), just a few clicks away whenever you need it.  

The database is easy to update.

Whenever a patient’s file is updated, the other physicians with access to that file will be notified. So if one physician notices something in a patient’s test results that other physicians need to know about, he or she won’t have to reach out to the other physicians individually. Instead, by logging into the EMR and adding the update, all the other physicians will be brought up to speed. 

There are a lot of electronic medical transcription services out there, but only one that offers simple EMR integration along with all of Portiva’s other benefits. To learn more, contact us today.