Testimonials – Portiva | www.portiva.com

Lori M

Thank you for making my daily life as a medical transcription coordinator a joy! I love how simple your transcription platform is to use. I no longer have to spend hours coordinating the clinical documentation work.

Linda Q – Office manager

Live agents make a difference and we signed up with your service for exactly this. Thank you Portiva.com for being flexible and handle our after-hours calls.

EMC Corporation

Thank you for your help in getting our interview transcription done on time. We checked the files and the quality is excellent. We will definitely use your services in the future.

Dr. Stern F

We are a spine care facility with 23 full time physicians. We switched to Portiva.com in late 2012. We have seen a 38% decrease in medical transcription related costs. One of our key requirements was the turnaround time and I am glad to say that they have consistently delivered documents in less than 24 hours.

Dr. Patel

We implemented a web based EMR in 2011 but our doctors struggled to keep up with the documentation. Portiva.com offered a solution which was a win-win situation for us. All our transcription is now inserted into the EMR and this is a huge benefit for us. We just dictate and that’s it. Patient charts are in the EMR next day morning. You simply cannot beat their prices when it comes to transcription.

Dr. Jay

We had an automated system for two years and were not happy. It’s a world of difference when human answer the calls. We love your service and your price.

Dr. Garcia C

After switching to Portiva.com, we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of the transcripts and the turnaround time. I recommend Portiva.com for any medical practice out there.

Brenda P. – Office Supervisor

We have cut back cancellations and no-shows by 91%. Our customers can conveniently confirm or cancel reminders directly via their phones. This allows us to adjust our staff to do more important tasks, minimize overhead and increase productivity.

Joshua K – Office Manager

We rely on your notification system so much. I can’t believe we spent our valuable time calling people up manually about closures and other important things that we wanted our clients to know about.

Lacey P. – Practice Coordinator

We switched our answering service over to Portiva three years ago. Our only regret is that we didn’t make the switch sooner. Everyone is extremely pleasant and easy to work with. I’ve never asked for anything that the staff couldn’t accommodate. With 6 doctors who all like things done a little differently, it amazes me that they are all very happy with the service provided by Portiva.