Speech Recognition Services Aid Businesses

Speech-to-text services are gaining traction as a surefire way to support businesses by alleviating the tedium and inefficiencies involved in the analysis and interpretation of customer interactions, allowing organizations to channel resources into key business functions that better serve their bottom line. For example, in Philadelphia, medical transcription services are available online to make the process as convenient as possible. Here at Portiva, we also provide law enforcement transcription services for the Philadelphia police and other associated law enforcement agencies.

The next time you or your business is considering dumping resources into customer analysis on the basis of recorded speech, consider the following.

Save Valuable Time with Automatic Transcriptions

When you’re running a business with limited staff and finite resources, maintaining efficiency and productivity in the face of a time crunch can be a difficult challenge to surmount. When you use speech recognition software to convert video and audio into perfectly accurate text, businesses of all sizes can help automate processes like:

  • NPS analysis
  • Legal compliance
  • Demographic analysis
  • Repeat call analysis
  • Call (and caller) categorization
  • Complaint analysis

Don’t Just Hear Customers, Listen to Them

The opinions your customers have on your business and brand mean absolutely everything to your success. It is essential to truly understand them if you want to best support them. With our speech recognition services, we make it possible to better interpret how your customers and clients actually feel about your service, product, or business as a whole. By performing in-depth data mining on recorded calls, we provide a more realistic view of your customers to provide a big-picture perspective on the overall health of your organization.

Streamline the Support Process

The recorded audio from your customer calls has the potential to provide insight into your support process, allowing you to improve it. When you take the time to capture customer interactions and analyze the findings, you’ll be more capable of identifying the issues that your support team needs to improve on, providing them with a tangible baseline to work from.

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Take Advantage of Speech-To-Text Services And Grow Your Business

As the technology improves, speech recognition and speech transcription software will only continue to uncover innovative solutions to the most significant challenges in business. To contact us for more information on our speech transcription services, please call 610-572-1539. Please fill out a contact form for any further inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.