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Academic Transcriptions

Portiva’s academic transcription services are highly acclaimed in the United States among educational institutions such as universities and trade schools. From researchers and professors to administrative staff, Portiva has a stable client base in the education industry that gives us the capability to handle various projects and offer a broad range of online transcription services. Our academic transcriptionists are either university graduates or from diverse academic backgrounds, empowering us to provide accurate, high-quality transcripts.
Available academic transcription services include:

Non-Profit Transcriptions

Portiva reserves a special place in our company for non-profits. Whether it is humanitarian work or a media release, transcription services for non-profit organizations typically involve legal matters. To ensure the legal safety and cohesive functioning of a non-profit, it is important that the organization has well-prepared transcripts at its disposal. For this reason, our transcription services for government and non-profit organizations are handled carefully with an emphasis on transparency and confidentiality. We have special services for non-profit healthcare organizations, as they are usually in high demand for transcription work. Portiva offers the following transcription services for non-profit and government organizations: Non Profit Transcriptions

  • Interviews, Conferences, & Advocacy Group Transcriptions
  • Communications, Media, & Promotional Work Transcriptions
  • Social Work Transcriptions
  • Health Organization Transcriptions
  • Charity Transcriptions 

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Whether it is for academic institutions or non-profitsPortiva guarantees the finest transcription services available. We have a team of dedicated specialists for each industry, so delivering precise results is not a claim, but an assurance by Portiva. When we test and work with clients to provide academic transcription services, we don’t accept anything less than the best. The majority of our academic transcriptionists have college degrees from institutions located right here in the United States, and they are familiar with the jargon and slang used in academic contexts. We promise 99% accuracy, won’t distribute your files among several people, and can format your documents however you like.

If you are seeking affordably-priced and high-quality academic or non-profit transcription services, contact Portiva today by calling 610-632-8012.