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High-Volume Voice to Text Transcription Services

If you own a business that requires frequent transcription of audio files into text, you almost certainly know how taxing and time-consuming it can be. However, Portiva aims to provide a solution to these concerns, offering fast and efficient voice-to-text transcription services for companies across just about any industry.

Voice recognition capabilities are growing rapidly. Knowing this, Portiva looks to stay ahead of the curve by implementing technology, which can seamlessly transcribe voice recordings into clearly-formatted text documents.

As a business owner, your busy schedule means you should be worrying about anything besides data transcription. While the popularity of outsourced voice transcription software is growing, companies are often unaware of the many advantages that come with services from a company like Portiva. Thankfully, our team can take these tedious tasks off your shoulders, offering voice-to-text transcriptions for any company who requires our services.

Common industries include:

Enhance Customer Service

In the business world, speed and efficiency are integral to running a successful operation. If your business requires time and effort from your staff to convert audio files into text documents, consider making the switch to Portiva. Our innovative voice recognition technology coupled with our team of certified transcriptionists makes for a streamlined process that focuses on quick turnarounds to keep things moving on your end. When you see how much time you can save by outsourcing voice transcriptions to Portiva, you’ll be astounded at how much more you can do for your clients.

Retrieve Stored Data

If you store large amounts of data on a local server or in the cloud, there may come a day when you need to quickly transcribe audio recordings into text documents. Everything from corporate data to medical reports can be quickly converted into text when you outsource transcriptions to Portiva.

How it Works

Our process for voice-to-text transcriptions are fairly simple:

  1. You gather any and all audio files you wish to translate into text documents.
  2. Send the files to Portiva. One of our certified transcriptionists will retrieve your information and send it through our initial conversion platform to transcribe the data.
  3. We review the newly-generated data for accuracy before returning it to you. Once you receive your documents, you’ll be ready to go!

Call Portiva Today

For prompt returns on all voice-to-text transcription needs, Portiva is your number one option. We have more than a decade of experience offering high-quality transcriptions for medical offices and corporate businesses across the country. Contact us today to find out how much time and money you can save by outsourcing your audio transcription work with Portiva!

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