Why You Should Hire a Radiology Transcriptionist

Healthcare transcription of any kind can play a vital role in proper patient care. It offers a set of detailed notes to a healthcare provider that allows them to get a holistic picture of the patient through a thorough review of the thoughts and notes of a patient’s team of physicians.

While medical transcription is essential across the board, there is one field where ensuring a high accuracy level in the transcripts is essential: radiology.

What Is Radiology Transcription?

Radiology transcription is the task of transcribing the observations and assessments made by radiologists and other medical staff in the radiology department.

Since radiology covers such a wide range of topics, it’s vitally important for transcriptionists to be accurate when recording medical staff observations. Ensuring high-quality transcriptions protects the integrity of the patient’s file and allows for better outcomes overall.

What’s Required of a Radiology Transcriptionist?

Radiology transcriptionists need to be familiar with a wide range of medical terminology to be successful. Since radiology plays a role in orthopedics, immunology, pulmonology, cardiology, and more, there’s a necessity for good radiology transcriptionists to have experience within medicine. Preferably, the best radiology transcriptionists will have experience across the various fields they would be working within to ensure the best possible final product makes it into the patient’s file.

Why Should I Outsource?

It’s tempting to try to perform the task of radiology transcription in-house. However, many healthcare providers are already stretched thin and can better use the resources that would go to hiring a full-time radiology transcriptionist for patient care. Additionally, time – the scarcest resource for doctors and healthcare providers – is becoming even more precious as time goes on, with radiologists having a workload that increases around six percent each year. The following video provides more insight as to why accurate medical transcription is so critical:

Outsourcing your radiology transcription services isn’t a must, but practices who choose this method see more accurate diagnoses, a better reputation for medical care, and improved overall quality of life for healthcare workers.

To find out more about the benefits of radiology transcription, and how it can benefit your healthcare practice, or speak with one of our certified medical transcriptionists about how it can be outsourced, contact the Portiva team today!