Online Medical Transcription Can Help Doctors

When choosing the best of the many online medical transcription companies, you’ll weigh several factors. The fact that you’re considering online medical transcription companies in the first place shows that you want to save time and money at your practice. The ideal company should offer high accuracy with quick turnaround and low prices.

You also seek conveniences like multiple document delivery solutions, such as remote print and fax solutions and user-friendly EMR integration software.

As for pricing, your goal is to keep costs down, but not at the expense of quality. The billing process should be transparent and upfront. If you need help, customer service should be available anytime you need it, online or over the phone.

And of course, the dictation company you work with should be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliant.

Portiva meets all of these criteria. Your objective as a medical professional, day in and day out, is to help your patients, and here’s how we’ll help you do that.

Saving Time Allows You To Make Patients a Priority

Transcribing is a major time investment for a physician’s practice. Whether you need notes from surgery or the recording of a consultation typed up, the thought of handling all this paperwork yourself probably seems overwhelming.

And even if you take the time needed to do the transcribing yourself, there’s still the question of accuracy. At Portiva, we perform rigorous quality checks to guarantee that we’ve achieved accuracy levels of 99.5 percent or better. By leaving the transcribing to us, you’ll have more time to take care of your most important priorities: the needs of your patients.

Flexibility Lets You Take Care of All Your Transcription Needs With Us

We take care of transcriptions of all kinds, no matter what type of practice you have or what the specific needs of that practice and its patients are. In addition to the surgery notes and consultation recordings we mentioned previously, we also do:

  • Radiology transcriptions
  • History records
  • Physical examination reports
  • Hospital/office reports
  • Procedure notes
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Testing Results of all varieties
  • Clinic Notes

The transcription process is also flexible, thanks to the various means of dictation and the options for delivery that we offer.

Here’s a quick video showing all these benefits in action:

Your mission is to help your patients, and Portiva can help you do that, so contact us today!