Managing Poor Online Audio Transcription

online audio transcription

Sometimes during the process of providing online audio transcription and document translation services, transcribers have to deal with the poor sound quality of the audio or the video. In order to make the final deliverable as error-free as possible and overcome the hindrances caused by the low-grade recording, here are a few tips.

* You may use certain transcription software programs which offer a number of options for proper tuning of low-quality audio. To adjust the audio according to your requirement, there are options for activities like altering the volume or enhancing the volume.

* If the sound is highly fuzzy, you can make use of special audio functions present within the software. There is the provision of bringing down the background noise and some programs also provide the ‘High Pass Filter’. Mitigating the background noise is quite effective in case you can hear the speaker, but he is sitting in a café, shuffling papers, or driving a car.

* Very often it so happens that you are preparing a transcript but are unable to hear or make out a particular word. The obvious temptation is to continue pressing the foot pedal and trying to make out the word through repeated listening. Try to avoid this practice. Instead, put some extra focus on how the sentence ends or be careful while listening to the next set of sentences. The possibility is that the word might be repeated again, or you may even guess it through what is being spoken next.

* In order to deal with poor quality audio while providing online audio transcription and document translation services, give yourself some time. Very often than not, it takes some amount of patience to get accustomed to the speaker’s accent. While you are hearing for the first time, keep moving on till the end, while noting down the areas which lack clarity. As you go back to it, most of the time, it becomes easier to gauge the accent, style, and pitch.

* In case you have an acquaintance, you may make the person listen to the recordings. Their suggestions might help you cope with the unclear portions in a better manner.

* In case you come across some industry-specific jargon or any company name that you are unable to comprehend clearly, you may try out the method of typing the same in Google phonetically and view the results. As you type the letters, watch the words that automatically come up, and you might get the word that you want.