Save Time & Money with Audio Transcription Services

For more than a decade, Portiva has worked to revolutionize the way that businesses manage their transcription work by offering affordable audio transcription services. Having grown from a company of just three employees in 2008, Portiva is now one of the largest digital remote transcription companies in the United States. Based in Hellertown, PA, our online transcribers assist companies of all sizes to increase their productivity using innovative technology to transcribe speech to text from audio files.

Are There Transcription Services Near Me?

From businesses in local areas like Philadelphia, Bucks, and Montgomery Counties to those on the west coast, Portiva provides reliable online transcription services and dictation of speech to text services in the country. Over the years, we have helped countless clients save time and money by outsourcing their speech to text transcription needs through Portiva. Just a handful of the types of clients we have provided audio transcription services for include:

●       Medical Practices

●       Law Firms

●       Universities

●       Insurance Companies

●       Financial Firms

●       Media Companies

No matter what industry you are in, Portiva offers the best transcription services. Our certified medical transcriptionists are more than capable of transcribing any recorded speech to text with no lower than 98% accuracy.