Portiva's Electronic Medical Transcription Services

Portiva is proud to provide electronic medical transcription online to hardworking men and women supporting the public during the current pandemic. As a certified medical transcriptionist, Portiva understands just how vital accurate and timely medical reports can be to the health of a patient and the creation of a treatment plan. But what exactly are the benefits of adding medical transcription services to your practice?

Electronic Medical Transcription benefits both the medical service provider and the provider’s patients. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Decreased physician fatigue.

    Physicians often need to take pages and pages of notes throughout their daily routines, as each patient’s needs vary. Medical transcription can help reduce physician burnout by making accurate records of patient information faster and easier to find.

  • More accurate reporting.

    From basic notes during a routine appointment to detailed treatment plans, information is passed between medical professionals at a faster rate than ever before. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time or human resources available to manually transcribe these notes before sending them out. This missing step can cause inaccuracies that can potentially put a patient’s health at risk. When medical professionals use a transcription service, they remove the chance of human error when passing notes along.

  • Lowered expenses.

    Medical transcription services don’t just provide benefits to physicians and patients — they can also help the administration control costs. Outsourcing transcription to a company like Portiva eliminates the need to purchase independent transcription software, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It also reduces the human need within the hospital or practice, allowing managers to direct workers to other jobs that may be more critical at the given moment.

Electronic Medical Transcription

Patients need accurate medical reports and treatment plans more than ever before. If you are a medical professional considering adding transcription to your practice, contact Portiva today at 610-632-8012 to get started.