How Digital Medical Transcription Improves Patient Safety

Digital medical transcription services like Portiva make medical professionals’ lives more manageable, especially in today’s climate. These services can provide quick and accurate patient reports while removing the tedious chore of manual data transcription. However, medical transcription doesn’t just make data entry easier—it also improves patient safety by helping medical professionals maintain more accurate records.

From surgery notes to discharge orders, information in the medical community can move between professionals at a faster rate than ever before. Proper medical transcription is an asset to physicians and healthcare providers because it improves accuracy and removes ambiguities from patient reports. When healthcare professionals have to rely on hand-written information, discrepancies may arise as information is re-presented to new parties. Medical transcriptions, like those provided by Portiva, provide healthcare professionals with a single, consistent document that is easy to go back into and get the necessary information.  This consistency is crucial in creating proper treatment and care plans, as well as sharing information between healthcare facilities.

At Portiva, we understand the importance of patient safety and accurate information—and we know just how vital timely medical transcription is to healthcare providers across the country. Our medical dictation software in Philadelphia and beyond produces quick, accurate, and clear transcriptions at prices even small-scale healthcare practices can afford. As a HIPAA-compliant company, we uphold the same ethical and confidentiality standards patients have come to expect from the medical care providers they visit.

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