Our Certified Medical Transcriptionists Will Help You Grow

With all of the recent breakthroughs in the development of medical technologies, one that’s often overlooked is electronic medical transcription services (EMR), which give medical practitioners the ability to save time and money on a daily basis while also providing medical professionals with accurate, audio-to-text transcriptions. As one of the nation’s best certified medical transcriptionist companies, Portiva has helped grow the operations of medical practices throughout the country.

Portiva’s certified medical transcriptionists and in-house EMR systems have the ability to optimize the processing and documentation of medical records in every practice they’re seamlessly implemented into. With our help, we’ll provide your medical practice with the business resources that will help grow revenue and maximize patient processing.

certified medical transcriptionists


Save Time

Rather than forcing your medical professionals to spend the precious hours of their day filling out daunting paperwork, our certified medical transcriptionists will free up the time that could better be used to serve the needs of patients. Doctors and medical experts are meant to treat patients, not waste their days transcribing medical records or information.  

Save Money

By outsourcing the transcriptions of all of your patient’s medical records and paperwork, your medical professionals will save time, which translates to lower operating and management costs, through the use of our low-cost EMR system. Instead of hiring salary-based transcriptionists, outsourcing the labor to our experts at Portiva is a far more cost-effective solution for saving your practice money.

Trusted Transcriptions

Our certified medical transcriptionists have an accuracy rating of over 99.5% for each audio-to-text medical transcription. Portiva understands the sensitivity involved when handling medical information, which is why all of our in-house EMR software is compliant with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations and standards for guaranteed patient record confidentiality.

Portiva and our electronic medical transcription services are crafted to meet the needs of our clients and medical practitioners across the country. In providing a solution that gives medical professionals more time to spend with patients, maximizes profits for their practice, and cost-effective transcripts of the highest quality and accuracy; we feel that we’re doing our part at Portiva of revolutionizing the day-to-day operations within the medical field.

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