How Medical Transcription Improves Patient Safety

Digital medical transcription services like Portiva make medical professionals’ lives more manageable, especially in today’s climate. These services can provide quick and accurate patient reports while removing the tedious chore of manual data transcription. However, medical transcription doesn’t just make data entry easier—it also improves patient safety by helping medical professionals maintain more accurate records.

Why Your Practice Needs a Transcription Service Offering Simple EMR Integration

When your medical practice chooses Portiva to handle your medical transcriptions, you immediately unlock numerous benefits. You not only save money with pricing that is low and transparent, but you get flexibility in terms of the modes of dictation we support as well as our options for document delivery. You’ll get fast turnarounds, extremely high […]

Trust is a Cornerstone of Great Patient Care

When patients enter a hospital, doctor’s office, or another medical health facility, they’re expecting to be treated with a high level of care and privacy. You can ensure your quality patient care extends to your files when you employ Portiva’s dictation services for physicians in NY and other states. A major contributing factor that should […]

How Medical Transcription Helps Prevent Physician Burnout

Medical physicians need to take pages upon pages of notes throughout the day, leaving them with lots of information to go over and analyze and very little time to get this work done. When the data builds up and overwhelms them to a certain extent, an issue known as physician burnout can occur. Preventing this […]

How Medical Transcription Services Help Healthcare Providers Cut Costs

As one of the premier audio transcription companies in Philadelphia, Portiva understands the importance of reliable transcription for medical professionals. There is a wide array of benefits that come with our transcription service; it will help you save time, ensure accuracy in essential documents and patient files, and streamline the entire hospital’s workflow system. If […]

Why You Should Look For Fast Turnaround in a Medical Transcription Service

Medical professionals know they can rely on Portiva for a variety of reasons. They know about our versatility in terms of the types of medical dictation services we provide, ranging from surgery notes and discharge summaries to clinic notes of physical examination reports. Our clients also appreciate our affordability, high rate of accuracy, and 24/7 […]

3 Ways Speech Recognition Can Help Businesses Succeed

Speech-to-text services are growing in popularity as a surefire way to support businesses of all sizes by alleviating the inefficiencies and frequent tedium involved in analyzing and interpreting customer interactions, allowing organizations to channel more resources into key business functions that more directly serve their bottom line. 

Why Transcription Is So Effective

Processing documents and paperwork is not the most enjoyable task, especially when your line of work requires your focus elsewhere. At the same time, transcribing important documents is essential and necessary for streamlining operations. For industries that rely on accurate transcripts, Portiva provides the solution. Portiva is the leading transcription company in the United States, […]