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Why High Accuracy Should Be Your Biggest Consideration in Choosing a Transcription Service

August 27, 2019 by portiva

When your medical practice is looking at switching away from traditional paperwork to an outsourced transcription service, you’ll have to consider things like turnaround, delivery options, customer service, flexibility in terms of modes of dictation, and financial factors such pricing and billing processes. 

Examining Portiva’s turnaround, delivery options, customer service, modes of dictation, and pricing, our experts are confident you’ll find that they’re precisely what your office requires to run more efficiently. However, there’s an even more important reason to choose Portiva – one that will not only benefit your medical practice but will also help you in your mission to improve the health and extend the lives of your patients.

There’s no point in having a transcription service that neither promises nor provides accuracy, no matter how much this transcription service excels in other areas. With Portiva, you not only receive excellent customer service, quick turnaround, flexible delivery options; you also get quality checks that guarantee an accuracy rate of 99.5% or higher. 

Accuracy is crucial across all industries, but can quite literally be a matter of life and death in the realm of patient care. When you’re transcribing a radiology transcription, a medical history, or testing results, every letter of every word, and every digit of every number, is crucial for the patient’s diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. The key to successful medical treatment is in the details of a patient’s condition, which is why Portiva’s accuracy checks ensure that these details are all noted with the utmost care and attention. 

Avoiding a Worst-Case Scenario

A typographical error in a consultation recording can lead to a misdiagnosis, which can be disastrous for a medical practice and detrimental to a patient’s health. A misdiagnosis can lead to an incorrect medication prescription. If this negatively impacts patient outcomes, it has the potential to become a case of medical malpractice. Instead of endangering your patients and your practice, leave your transcriptions to Portiva, and devote your time and energy to patient care. For surgery notes, discharge summaries, clinic notes, physician dictation, procedure notes, and more, contact Portiva, the leading provider of online transcription services in Baltimore and other major metropolitan areas!