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Why Transcription Is So Effective

June 24, 2019 by portiva

Processing documents and paperwork is not the most enjoyable task, especially when your line of work requires your focus elsewhere. At the same time, transcribing important documents is essential and necessary for streamlining operations. For industries that rely on accurate transcripts, Portiva provides the solution.

Portiva is the leading transcription company in the United States, using innovative technology to transcribe audio to text from audio files. For the medical industry, we provide transcription, dictation, and EMR entry services online, among a variety of services for other industries, as well.

Portiva provides human transcription services your business can trust. Here are a few reasons why it’s so effective:

General Transcription for Other Industries

In addition to legal and medical industries, podcasts, vlogs, and YouTubers are also becoming reliant on transcription services to improve their SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Posting a transcription of vlogs and podcasts can help them become visible in an organic search, which can help expand their presence in their industry.

Regardless of your industry, whether you’re in the legal, business, or medical field, if you’re looking for transcription services online in New York City, or anywhere in the US, Portiva can help by streamlining your workflow efficiency. Not only does our team transcribe with precision, but our software is compliant with HIPAA regulations. Give us a call at 610-632-8012 to get started today!