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Ways to Save Time This Summer with Portiva’s Medical Transcription Services

March 18, 2019 by portiva

When it comes to running a medical practice, each second of every day is valuable. It has become all too common for doctors and medical professionals to have to waste hours of their day transcribing records and filling out paperwork when they could be spending time with their patients who require care.

For our team at Portiva, providing professionals in the medical industry with top-quality transcription services is our attempt to better serve the medical community as a whole and increase the efficiency of medical practices across the country. As one of the leading companies for the best medical transcription services in Philadelphia and nationwide, our mission is to give doctors and physicians the opportunity to spend more time with patients and lower overhead costs for their practice by utilizing our services.

Through the use of our electronic medical transcription services, doctors and physicians know that they’ve partnered with one of the country’s most trusted and extremely accurate audio-to-text transcriptions.

Our Medical Transcription Services Include:

Reasons To Partner With Portiva

Not only are Portiva’s transcriptions HIPAA-compliant, but our services are also trusted by medical practices and healthcare providers throughout the country to help streamline practice productivity and lower operating costs. Here are just a few reasons why our clients trust Portiva:

Our Trusted Transcription Services

When your practice or healthcare service relies on Portiva to take care of the medical transcriptions, your patients can remain as the highest priority for your medical professionals. With upfront pricing and a transparent billing process, in conjunction with an increased percentage of daily patient volume, our experts at Portiva are confident that we will help take your practice to new heights.  

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No matter if you’re running a small medical practice or a nationwide healthcare service, our highly-trained electronic medical transcriptionists have both the knowledge and know-how to accommodate clients of every size. To find out more information about Portiva’s medical transcription software in Philadelphia as well as our other audio-to-text transcription services across a range of industries, give us a call at 610-632-8012 or get in touch with our team by filling out a contact form online today!