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The Benefits of Medical Transcription Compared to Traditional Paper Charts

November 9, 2018 by portiva

Historically, in the medical field, physicians required a functional way to keep track of patient information. Where technology once lacked, traditional paper and pencil got the job done quickly and efficiently. Doctors met with patients, discussed their family history, and current issues, leading them to a diagnosis and treatment plan. All of this information needed to be tracked and protected, which is why merely taking a pen to a piece of paper was convenient. It wasn’t until 1972 that the first electronic medical record system was developed. This breakthrough further revolutionized the advancing medical industry. Because this technology was the first of its kind, physicians were not initially interested in these systems due to their extremely high costs. Instead, government hospitals and visionary institutions made use of the new innovative technology. As advancements emerged throughout the next few decades, it became evident that electronic medical record systems were essential within the medical industry.

At Portiva, conveniently offering medical transcription services in Philadelphia, PA, we have been utilizing EMR systems (Electronic Medical Transcription) to better assist our clients, putting us at the forefront of almost every industry. We recognize that processing and documenting paperwork is higher amongst the medical field than nearly any other industry. Between physician notes, patient records, hospital, and office reports, medical facilities have their hands full of countless amounts of paperwork.

Benefits of EMR

There are several benefits to using EMR records in the medical industry.

Reduce Errors

Doctors have a reputation for having poor handwriting that is often difficult to read. Traditional paper charts written by doctors can be illegible, putting patient health at risk. EMR’s prevent issues as such.

More Space in the Office

Patients are urged to visit their primary physician once a year, although there are patients seen more frequently. Each patient’s visit has a record and is kept by the medical facility for a minimum of 10 years. These paper records take up an enormous amount of space.

Simultaneous Function

Accessing paper charts can be time-consuming. Unless requested by a physician, there usually is one paper copy of a record, and because of this, only one physician can view the paperwork. In hospitals, it’s vital for multiple doctors to be able to access patient information, as doctors from different departments may be involved in a patient’s treatment plan.

When it comes to patient safety and health, confidentiality and trust are crucial. At Portiva, we offer legal, business, academic and medical transcription services in Montgomery County. Our transcription services are highly acclaimed, and our steady client base has grown each year. Fill out our contact form for any questions or concerns. For further inquiries regarding our transcription services, please feel free to email us at or call us at 610-632-8012.