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Portiva Notification & Call Recording Services

Hectic work schedules often make us forget appointments, meetings and other everyday yet critical tasks. While we manage more or less, this forgetfulness bears a heavy cost for some industries.

Notification and Call Recording Services Similarly, for certain businesses and professionals, recording telephone conversations is crucial for future reference & evidence.

Portiva offers wide range of notification & call recording services to avoid such losses in following fields;

  • Education
  • Business
  • Medical
Education – School Notification Services

Portiva understands the need of communication between parents and school authorities. After years of research and study, we have identified areas that require bulk communication on behalf of school staff.

With our school notification services, we have saved time, money and resources for school districts.

We specialize in following services;

  • Attendance notification
  • School bus route notification
  • Student lunch account notification
  • Anti-bullying hotline
Appointment Reminder Services For Medical Practitioners

For practitioners all over the world, it is important that patients remember appointments and visit on scheduled date. It is part of clinic staff’s routine to make reminder calls.

Portiva appointment reminder solutions automate the whole process and accomplish the task at half the cost.

Be it call or sms appointment reminders, we remember to personalize every communication message. Learn how clinics & U.S practitioners benefit from our services.

Portiva Call Recording Solutions

Businesses, journalists and law officials go for Portiva call recording services when telephone communications are critical enough to be recorded, saved and shared. Portiva has revolutionized the industry by offering a cost effective solution to recording phone calls.

Our service doesn’t require any kind of hardware or software installations. Visit features page to learn more about the offering.

With its vast range of notification and recording solutions, Portiva has attained an enviable position in the automated communication industry.

Partner with us and use technology to handle mundane, challenging & costly notification tasks.

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