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How much time does it take to get started with answering services?

It all depends on the account setup. Usually, we get our answering service started within hours. Before activating the account, we review the setup to make sure answering service works without any glitch. This is important for hassle free service delivery.

How to forward phone lines? Can you do it on your own?

The process of activating or deactivating call forwarding can differ from one Telephone Company to another. The phone system can also sometimes require additional adjustments. The most common process of activating call forwarding is as follows:
Dial ________ from the line you want to forward On hearing the dial tone, enter the call forwarding number given to you by Portiva team. When the phone rings and is picked by our receptionist, please inform him/her that you are forwarding your phone. In case you want to deactivate the service for any reason, just dial ____from the forwarded line.

How calls are transferred from my office to your service?

A unique number is dedicated to your account. Whenever you transfer a call to the unique number from your office, our automated system identifies your number and furnishes the data to the customer service representative. The representative consults your account details to answer the queries as per earlier discussion.

How will you deliver the business messages?

When it comes to message delivery, you have a vast number of options to choose from. We can deliver the message through text message, fax, email, and even phone call. It all depends on your convenience and chosen option.

Can I get my messages delivered to someone else or a group of people?

We will deliver the messages to anyone you want. And there is no limit to the number of people. All such details will be managed in the initial setup.

Is there any provision for custom greeting and script changes?

Yes. You can record your greeting just the way you like and make changes in the script as many times you wish.

What are the chances of hardware or software failure?

Our answering service uses a sophisticated system that is supported with multiple backups. In case of a telephone outage, there are different telephone carriers ready to take over. Your business calls are important to us and we make sure that your customers get the service at every point of time.

What if I have offices scattered in multiple states?

No matter how many business addresses you have, Portiva answering services have the technology and staff to manage them all. We can manage all the calls in one account or create separate accounts for each office. It all depends on your choice.

Is it possible to transfer my cell phone calls to your answering service?

Yes! You can easily transfer calls from your mobile to Portiva phone answering service.

Will I get all my business messages even if I am traveling overseas?

We will make sure you stay updated while traveling around the globe. Just discuss your overseas travel schedule with our support team and we will ensure easy access to your messages. We tried our best to address all the queries through these frequently asked questions but in case we missed anything, our support team would be happy to help. Just send us a mail at or dial 800-977-3534 to speak with us.

Are my transcription files safe on web?

We take HIPAA and security very seriously.

Our system is a complex combination of software and hardware. There is a web server in the center; it has virtually no limits when it comes to the amount of traffic, space and users it can handle. We have email, database, FTP and storage servers linked to our web server 24/7; and there are multiple dial-in servers for phone-in dictations. In addition, we have a backup location where all of the information is transmitted each night. All of our servers are located in the nationally recognized data centers. When old data is purged out of system, it is first backed up on external hard drives and then put into a safe deposit box in the bank.

Security Measures. Most our servers are Linux based. In addition to having standard protection features such as firewalls, anti-virus and scheduled system upgrades, we enforce several other security measures. For example, our Apache and PHP are always running in the safe mode. In addition to firewalls, our code can also distinguish different types of hacker attacks and defend our systems against them. Our email servers have the same password rules and regulations as web servers.

Logging Functionality. We use logging very extensively. We track and keep logs of user actions, document downloads, faxing, emailing, electronic signature, etc. Most of these logs are stored in the main database, while records of the table holding the log cannot be purged out, altered, deleted or archived. Only registered users can use our solution. Every screen which asks a user to enter a user ID or password is protected by security certificate.

Password Guidelines. We have password guidelines which we recommend to our users. Our system enforces password protection as well; such as making sure that there are no duplications of user IDs and passwords, and making sure that the password does not contain repetitive characters, while limiting the number of characters in length. Our system does not record passwords into the database. Instead, it records a hash value of the password. It means that when you enter a password, our system can verify that the password is correct without knowing the real password. That is made with the purpose of protecting your password - even our employees with the database access will not be able to obtain your password and falsify your signature.

We will maintain a permanent backup for all your transcription work as long as you are our customer at no charge.

How can I get started with your transcription service?

Just fill this form to get our transcription service. Portiva is an established transcription brand for clinical notes, patient charts, progress notes and court proceedings transcription. In case you have any other queries that we were unable to answer in this page, just shoot us a mail at You can also call us at 800 - 977 - 3534 for police interrogations & paralegal services.

How does Portiva transcription services promise quality?

Our promise is to provide you with a state of the art transcription system which is very user friendly, to provide transcripts that are 99% accurate and ease the burden of clinical documentation from physicians and office staff.

What type of file formats do you accept in audio files?

Portiva transcription services support various file formats. Find all the supported file types on this page.

How trained is your team for transcription work?

We only hire certified transcriptionists that go through a rigorous interview process to perform transcription work. We have transcribers well versed in legal, business, medical, and media terminologies.

If I send my audio files today, when will I get the completed transcriptions?

We have various turnaround times for the various industries that we cater to.  Typical turnaround time is less than 24 hours. Please call us for any specific needs.

How will I receive transcribed files?

The transcribed files will be uploaded on our secure online platform. You can view, download or share the files as per your convenience. We don’t charge additionally for storage. If you have an EMR, we can get the transcripts automatically transferred from our system to your EMR (using our HL7 interface)

Why other transcription service providers charge a higher price than you?

Being in the transcription industry for over 5 years, we have been able to streamline the transcription process and able to process large volumes of work which makes it cost efficent to both you as our client and us.

Is there any need of hardware or software installations for call recording services?

No. You don’t need any kind of installations in your office to record calls. All you need to do is call on our toll free number 800 - 977 - 3534 and we will get you started.

Does Portiva notification services use computer generated voice?

Professional voice experts record all the scripts in a studio to make sure that your customers are greeted by a warm human voice. We don’t use cold mechanical voice to deliver notifications. We promise human experience to all our clients.

Which number is used for notification calls?

Your office number will be displayed in the caller ID but the call will be made by Portiva team.

How can I send the data file to Portiva?

The process of data sharing is very simple and will just take few minutes after our support team guides you through the process. You can share the data file with us by uploading it on our secure website every morning. The whole process can also be automated so that you don’t need to prepare the file every day. Speak with our team regarding the same.

We use a practice management software/EMR in our office. Is your service compatible with such systems?

Portiva notification service is compatible with most practice management and EMR software.

Does your notification service require additional hardware software installations?

You don’t need to make any such hardware or software installations at your office. Our sophisticated notification system will manage everything on its own. All you need is your current practice management software, and internet connection for using our web based platform.

How will I be notified about notification calls?

You can view the results online while calls are being made. Portiva has made notification delivery a real time process. Just log into our secure website and view the results live. You can sort reports and manage data with reporting tools. Reports will be available for future reference as well.

At what time do you make notification or appointment reminder calls?

All our calls are made at an appropriate hour to improve the chances of message delivery. During one calling session, notification call can be made up to 10 times.

Is it possible to leave notifications on answer machines?

Our notification system automatically detects an answering machine and leaves the message if the call is not answered.

Is it possible to confirm appointments through notification calls?

Yes. Our notification calls can confirm appointments and gather the responses for your reference. You can view the results on our secure website.

My clients speak different languages. Can we make notifications in other languages?

Portiva delivers notifications in various global languages. Discuss script recording in foreign language with our team.

Do all the notifications have the same script?

No. We customize every script as per client needs. The script will include business details important to you and will be customized with your notification goals in mind.

Do I need to sign a contract for Portiva notification services?

You don’t need to sign any contract to gain business benefit from Portiva notification services. In case you decided to discontinue the service, you can do so at any point of time.

Are your notification services compliant to HIPAA?

Portiva renders appointment reminder services to medical practitioners and notification services to schools & businesses. All our notification services are HIPAA compliant and keeps in mind the privacy guidelines put in place to protect user interests. Our operations are indirectly regulated by Privacy Standards. We also sign Business Associate Agreement and thus are bound by law to use protected health information in an appropriate manner.

Is it legal to use protected health information for notification and appointment purposes?

Yes. HIPAA Privacy Rule doesn’t require covered entities to take prior permission to use or disclose PHI for treatment, payment and health care operations.

How is Portiva notification service better than other service providers on web?

Portiva has been successfully catering medical practitioners, businesses and educational institutes with its notification services because it brings following benefits:
  • We have a high notification delivery rate.
  • Portiva notifications are delivered in natural & pleasant human voice.
  • We offer impeccable support to all our customers.
  • Portiva officials undertake extensive checks before making calls to ensure correct communication.
  • No hardware software installations required from your end.
  • No need of signing any paper work

Will you assist my team in getting familiar with notification system & report generation?

Our team will assist you in gaining complete understanding of the online platform. We are just a call away in case you need any help.

Do you charge additionally for support and maintenance?

We don’t charge additionally for support. Feel free to call us at normal working hours and we will help you with every technical and nontechnical issue. In case we missed anything you had in mind, please send your queries at and we will respond right away. You can also call us at 800 - 977 – 3534.

Will I get just one script for all the patients?

By joining hands with Portiva, you get the privilege of multiple scripts. You can have one script for new patients, another one for regular ones and even more if you require.

What I need to do for sharing patient data file with Portiva?

It takes less than five minutes to generate & upload the data file. Our support staff will guide you through the simple process. Your IT department can easily automate the whole process. Click here for complete details about file requirements, sharing and uploading.

What about my patients that don’t speak English?

We have the expertise to make appointment confirmation calls in more than 80 different languages. However, we charge a small fee for recording phone message scripts in foreign languages. Contact us for additional details about it.

How will my patients know that the call came from my clinic?

The caller ID will display the phone number submitted by you. Your patients will clearly know that the call came from your clinic.

How will I know the details & results of reminder calls made by you?

You can login to our website at any hour of the day and view the results in real time. Our advanced features will allow you to sort reports by patient name; appointment date & time; and call date, time & result. You can also check call history of reminder calls made in the last 2 months. Portiva also simplifies search for individual patients.

How many times will you call my patients to deliver the message?

Based on parameter settings, we can call a patient 10 times during a calling session. Calling hours can vary to suit specific time preferences.

Is Portiva reminder service compatible with practice management software/EMR used at my clinic?

Our medical appointment & reminding software is highly sophisticated and compatible with all practice management softwares/EMRs.

Is Portiva in compliance to HIPAA?

Yes. Portiva plays the role of a business associate to you under the Privacy Standards implemented by HIPAA. All medical scheduling software and processes are in compliance to HIPAA guidelines.

Will my patients hear a computerized voice during the reminder call?

Portiva aims to create a personal relationship between medical practitioners and patients. And a computerized voice doesn’t help in achieving that. All the scripts are recorded in a studio with voice experts.

Would you also provide training materials to help my staff understand better?

Of course we will. All the manuals and materials are free of cost.

Would you help my staff in getting comfortable with your service & website?

We would be glad to do that. One of our team members will visit your clinic for a small training session about medical appointment software & usage.

How do we send our data to Portiva?

It is extremely easy to send your appointment file to Portiva. Our support staff will provide instructions for you to generate the data file. It typically takes less than 5 minutes each morning to generate and upload the file. You can either upload it on our secure website or send it via secure FTP. In addition, your IT department may be able to automate this process for you.

Does your service require any hardware or software installations?

No additional installations are required to use our appointment reminder service. All you need is your present practice management software and internet connection.

Does Portiva use a computerized voice?

No. We never use a computer generated voice. All scripts are recorded in a professional studio. They are made in a warm, natural, human voice. We want your patients to feel as welcome with our calls, as they did when the calls came from your own staff.

Do you have the feature of leaving reminder messages on answering machine?

Yes. If by any chance your patient is not picking the call, we will leave the message twice on the answering machine, just to make sure it is delivered completely.

Do you charge additionally for support and maintenance?

When you partner with Portiva, there is no such thing as maintenance and support cost.

Do I need to sign a contract for using Portiva services?

There is no need to sign a contract. In case you are not happy with our service, you can discontinue it at any time. However, we do have a Business Associate Agreement.

Do I need to have a big budget to avail call reminder service?

No. Our services are high on value but low in costs. Our appointment reminder service will cut down your patient communication costs by half! We tried our best to cover all the questions but in case we missed any, get in touch & send us your queries straight away.

Can I customize the scripts as per my needs and preferences?

Yes. All the scripts offer scope of customization in fields such as doctor name, procedure, location etc.

Do you charge any other kind of fee?

Portiva doesn’t believe in monthly fee or hidden costs. The service just works like a calling card. You will be charged according to the minutes used.

How much will Portiva charge for storing my recordings on website?

Nothing! We don’t charge anything for storing client recordings for 6 months. You can download the recordings anytime. In case you want to store your recordings with us for long term, get in touch to discuss pricing.

Is it possible to download the recordings?

Yes. You can download and share the recordings instantly. You can burn the recordings on a CD, email to a friend or share in any possible way.

When can I hear the recordings?

The recordings will be made available on our secure website as soon as you will disconnect the phone.

Is call recording against the law?

The rules regarding call recording vary from location to location. It is up to the user of the service to make the other party aware in case it is required. We don’t take any such initiative from our end.

Can the call recording minutes expire?

No. Purchased minutes do not expire. You can use them any time you want. These questions were aimed to answer all your questions but in case we missed anything, just send us a mail at You can also call us at 800 - 977 – 3534 to discuss your call recording needs.

Will my recording minutes expire?

No. Recording minutes don’t expire at any moment of time.
Portiva is the best web based solution to record your phone calls. It doesn’t matter whether you use an iPhone, Android, or any other device, our service works seamlessly with all devices.
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Whose number will be displayed in the caller id?

The recipient will see your number in the caller id. This will happen even if you use caller id blocking. In case you want to block your caller id info and record the call as well, you will need to conference in Portiva using 3-way calling .

How much time does it take for a recording to become available for listening?

You can visit our website to hear, download or share the recording as soon as the conversation is complete. You can also burn it to a CD or send it through an email.

How long will Portiva store my recordings?

Our secure servers will store your conversations free of cost for 6 months.

How do you charge the minutes?

If you make a recording of 5 minutes and 24 seconds, then, 6 minutes will be charged from your account. We round up to the next minute.

Do you charge extra for long distance calls?

We do not charge anything as long as your call is made in United States.

Do you charge any monthly fee?

We don’t charge any monthly fee for record-phone-calls service. You just need to pay for the recording minutes used.

Do I need any telephone recording devices to avail your service?

You don’t require any additional device or software for recording phone conversations. You just need to call 800-977-3534 and follow the steps mentioned on the ‘how it works ’ page. It is just like using a calling card.

Am I violating the law by recording phone calls?

Laws about phone recording vary from region to region. As user of our service, if you are expected to inform the other party as per your local laws, then, it is up to you to act accordingly. We don’t send any kind of message to convey the information.

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