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Portiva Call Recording Service – Record & Remember Conversations
Most phone conversations are mundane in our day to day lives but some are important enough to be recorded and saved for future reference. This need of safekeeping conversations is almost obligatory in some industries such as journalism, law and corporate.

For such very important telephone calls, Portiva offers quick and easy phone call recording service.

Our telephone recording services are widely used by;

Journalists – For recording interviews and news gathering
Legal officials – For remembering discussions with clients, evidence gathering and compliance
Business owners & organizations – For keeping track of meetings, conference calls, and overseeing decisions
People from all walks of life – For settling consumer and domestic disputes.

Portiva – Globally Trusted Call Recording Company
Organizations, professionals and people from all over the world trust Portiva’s call recording and monitoring service for following reasons;

Promise of confidentiality
Your conversations are safe with us and only you have the authority to gain access to them. Poritva is a renowned digital business solutions brand and has a reputation for data safety.

Completely secure
At no point during the call, the other party will come to know that call is being recorded. Our phone call recording systems are technologically advanced in every way and promise completely disguised solutions.

Simplicity When it comes to ease of use, no other service provider can match Portiva. It is simply the easiest way to record and save telephone & cell phone calls.

No installation required

Our record-your-call service requires no additional hardware or software installations. So, you need not worry about making space for additional device or wiring in your office.

Anytime online access Just login to our secure website and gain access to your recordings instantly. You can even download them to your computer at any point of time at no additional cost.

Competitive pricing

Portiva is known for following the most competitive pricing in the industry. There is no subscription fee; you will be charged as per your minute usage. Study our prices and see the difference.

If your telephonic conversations are important enough to be recorded, then, Portiva is what you need.

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