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Transcription Services for Legal Offices & Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Transcription Services

It’s no secret that law offices, police departments, courthouses, and legal consulting firms are required to sift through incredible amounts of paperwork and data every day. In most cases, every single piece of information must be transcribed into a database for documentation and future accessibility. All that extra time being spent on paperwork equates to a diminished focus on what is most important, such as defending clients or enforcing the law.

Thankfully, Portiva specializes in law enforcement transcription services for a number of legal departments. We can facilitate a simple solution for just about any speech to text dictation requirement, providing fast, accurate, and affordable legal transcription services for law offices in Philadelphia and Montgomery County all the way to police departments in Los Angeles, California and everywhere in between. Sign up with Portiva today to see how you can save time, money, and manpower by outsourcing your law enforcement transcription services.

Legal Transcription Services

Each of our Portiva transcriptionists is fully certified and prepared to take on just about any legal or law enforcement transcription. Our vast range of legal transcription services cover the following areas:

  • ● Court Reporting
  • ● Hearings
    • ○ Court
    • ○ Judicial
    • ○ Public
  • ● Legal Pleadings
  • ● Administrative Transcription
  • ● Internal Correspondence
  • ● Depositions
  • ● Trial Tapes
  • ● Court Proceedings
  • ● Memorandums
  • ● Interrogations
  • ● Patrol Reports
  • ● Dispatch Communications
  • ● & more!

When dealing with legal documents, a single misplaced word can have enormous repercussions, sometimes beyond the scope of the document itself. For this reason, all of our transcriptionists are carefully vetted, selected, and trained for proficiency in legal terminology.

Why Portiva?

Whether you are dealing with police reports, depositions, or administrative data, Portiva is more than qualified to complete your transcription work. We are an established favorite for United States legal machinery due to our:

  • ● Turnaround times of 24 hours or less
  • ● Quality guarantee of 98% accuracy or higher
  • ● Unmatched client support
  • ● Around-the-clock customer service
  • ● Simple, upfront pricing
  • ● Security & confidentiality

Portiva recognizes how quickly case volumes can grow into an insurmountable workload. It is our goal to relieve law enforcement offices of this burden of paperwork by absorbing time-consuming transcription responsibilities. With Portiva, you can stop wasting manpower on tedious paperwork and allow law enforcement or legal staff to return to what they do best.

Additionally, Portiva allows for flexibility when it comes to dictation methods. Whether the recorded audio is contained in a mobile app, telephone, or digital recording device, our team can transcribe it into text quickly and accurately while saving you both time and money.

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After signing up with Portiva for law enforcement transcription services, you will see reduced costs, expedited processing, and more free time almost immediately. By automating some of the monotonous transcription work that is required by law offices and legal departments, staff can find better use of their time without any concerns about falling behind on paperwork.

Whether your office is located in Philadelphia, Montgomery County, or anywhere else across the United States, Portiva is the best online resource for professional transcription work. To discuss your options for legal transcription services, call 610-572-1539 or fill out our simple online contact form today.

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