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Portiva’s state of the art clinical documentation solution gives healthcare service leaders — and their customers — robust functionality at their fingertips. Our web-based medical documentation platform outperforms any product in the marketplace. Companies that serve the healthcare industry can add value and sales to their product line by partnering with Portiva. The Portiva solution is designed to overcome the very real stumbling blocks that both medical facilities and providers experience when incorporating an EHR into their workflow. Our SaaS offers flexibility, convenience, and ease-of-use while producing authenticated, high-quality documentation. Portiva’s exclusive features make our solutions stand apart from the competition — effortlessly saving customers time and money while heightening EHR productivity.

The numbers underscore the value. More than 2,600 healthcare organizations in the U.S. use the Portiva’s clinical documentation platform to deliver quality service and sophisticated functionality to their clients. Contact Portiva today to learn about partnering with Portiva.

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