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Frequently Asked Questions

Notification-how it works

Does Portiva notification services use computer generated voice?

Professional voice experts record all the scripts in a studio to make sure that your customers are greeted by a warm human voice. We don’t use cold mechanical voice to deliver notifications. We promise human experience to all our clients.

Which number is used for notification calls?

Your office number will be displayed in the caller ID but the call will be made by Portiva team.

How can I send the data file to Portiva?

The process of data sharing is very simple and will just take few minutes after our support team guides you through the process. You can share the data file with us by uploading it on our secure website every morning. The whole process can also be automated so that you don’t need to prepare the file every day. Speak with our team regarding the same.

We use a practice management software/EMR in our office. Is your service compatible with such systems?

Portiva notification service is compatible with most practice management and EMR software.

Does your notification service require additional hardware software installations?

You don’t need to make any such hardware or software installations at your office. Our sophisticated notification system will manage everything on its own. All you need is your current practice management software, and internet connection for using our web based platform.

How will I be notified about notification calls?

You can view the results online while calls are being made. Portiva has made notification delivery a real time process. Just log into our secure website and view the results live. You can sort reports and manage data with reporting tools. Reports will be available for future reference as well.

At what time do you make notification or appointment reminder calls?

All our calls are made at an appropriate hour to improve the chances of message delivery. During one calling session, notification call can be made up to 10 times.

Is it possible to leave notifications on answer machines?

Our notification system automatically detects an answering machine and leaves the message if the call is not answered.

Is it possible to confirm appointments through notification calls?

Yes. Our notification calls can confirm appointments and gather the responses for your reference. You can view the results on our secure website.

My clients speak different languages. Can we make notifications in other languages?

Portiva delivers notifications in various global languages. Discuss script recording in foreign language with our team.

Do I need to sign a contract for Portiva notification services?

You don’t need to sign any contract to gain business benefit from Portiva notification services. In case you decided to discontinue the service, you can do so at any point of time.

Are your notification services compliant to HIPAA?

Portiva renders appointment reminder services to medical practitioners and notification services to schools & businesses. All our notification services are HIPAA compliant and keeps in mind the privacy guidelines put in place to protect user interests. Our operations are indirectly regulated by Privacy Standards. We also sign Business Associate Agreement and thus are bound by law to use protected health information in an appropriate manner.

Is it legal to use protected health information for notification and appointment purposes?

Yes. HIPAA Privacy Rule doesn’t require covered entities to take prior permission to use or disclose PHI for treatment, payment and health care operations.

How is Portiva notification service better than other service providers on web?

Portiva has been successfully catering medical practitioners, businesses and educational institutes with its notification services because it brings following benefits:
  • We have a high notification delivery rate.
  • Portiva notifications are delivered in natural & pleasant human voice.
  • We offer impeccable support to all our customers.
  • Portiva officials undertake extensive checks before making calls to ensure correct communication.
  • No hardware software installations required from your end.
  • No need of signing any paper work

Will you assist my team in getting familiar with notification system & report generation?

Our team will assist you in gaining complete understanding of the online platform. We are just a call away in case you need any help.

Do you charge additionally for support and maintenance?

We don’t charge additionally for support. Feel free to call us at normal working hours and we will help you with every technical and nontechnical issue. In case we missed anything you had in mind, please send your queries at and we will respond right away. You can also call us at 800 - 977 – 3534.
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