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Portiva is a Professional Transcription company providing Accurate Interview Transcription at Affordable Costs


If you are tired of looking for a transcription company providing accurate interview transcription at affordable prices and coming up short then you need to get with Portiva.

There are no more headaches. You do not have to use freelancers or unprofessional companies any longer.

Now you can get a 99% accuracy guarantee while saving money. In some instances you can save up to 40%. That is almost half off the cost of the competition.

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Professionals at Portiva are trained in the field and to the protocol of your specific market, so the service that you get is more that accurate. As a matter of fact, out of 5 years plus serving clients across the U.S. Portiva’s reputation is still holding strong as a reflection of the services that they provide.

This covers everything from interrogation interviews to telephone interviews and more. You will get accurate transcriptions that are highly secured through Portiva. The documents and audio files are never compromised, and the team of professionals with Portiva is all highly trained to keep safety at the heart of all that they do.

Do not hesitate, contact today.

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Cost-effective Transcription of Research Interviews


If you are a researcher, an academician or working in any other field involving one-to-one interviews and subsequent research, a significant part of your activity is composed of transcribing interviews. It involves good amount of time and effort and hence the services of a transcription company providing accurate interview transcription is highly welcome. It is true that transcription is not cheap because it involves a lot of work including listening, typing and more, but affordable services are always available if you approach the right agency. Moreover, you can save considerably on the time and effort if you can provide high quality recordings to the service provider.

You may try out the transcription work yourself, but in case you are lacking good typing skills or do not possess specialized transcription equipment, considerable amount of time will be consumed. Moreover, the job also involves transcribing the speech accurately and going for the correct homophones. There are certain ways to ensure that you get a clear transcript, so that you can avail transcription at an affordable price.

* You should use the best quality transcription equipment as per your means and also make sure that it is suitable for the purpose. In case of transcribing interviews, you should use an external microphone rather than a built-in one, while for focus groups, it is advisable to go for several microphones. Again for conferences, there should be portable microphones that can be moved around among the audience.

* Good preparation is a must for every interview. Try to arrange for a meeting room that is devoid of any noise, so that it becomes easy for the transcriber to listen to the recording. It is beneficial to spell out the name of the interviewee at the starting and reveal any other information that needs to be incorporated within the final transcript, such as the date, the title of the job, and the like.

* Try to maintain silence and minimize interruption as much as possible when the interviewee is speaking. This is because if you speak, certain important words by the interviewee might be missed out in the recording.

* Once the interview is over and you are handing over the recording to a transcription company providing accurate interview transcription, you can make the job easier by providing a group of keywords to the agency or the concerned transcriber.

If you follow the above –mentioned procedure and provide specific format or instruction to the service provider you are hiring, you will definitely get excellent transcripts at an affordable price.

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Coping Up with Bad Sound Quality during Transcription


Sometimes during the process of providing online audio transcription and document translation services, transcribers have to deal with poor sound quality of the audio or the video. In order to make the final deliverable as much error-free as possible and overcome the hindrances caused by the low grade recording, here are a few tips.

* You may use certain transcription software programs which offer a number of options for proper tuning of low quality audio. To adjust the audio according to your requirement, there are options for activities like altering the volume or enhancing the volume.

* If the sound is highly fuzzy, you can make use of special audio functions present within the software. There is the provision of bringing down the background noise and some programs also provide the ‘High Pass Filter’. Mitigating the background noise is quite effective in case you can hear the speaker, but he is sitting in a café, shuffling papers or driving a car.

* Very often it so happens that you are preparing a transcript but are unable to hear or make out a particular word. The obvious temptation is to continue pressing the foot pedal and trying to make out the word through repeated listening. Try to avoid this practice. Instead put some extra focus on how the sentence ends or be careful while listening to the next set of sentences. The possibility is that the word might be repeated again, or you may even guess it through what is being spoken next.

* In order to deal with a poor quality audio while providing online audio transcription and document translation services, give yourself some time. Very often than not, it takes some amount of patience to get accustomed to the speaker’s accent. While you are hearing for the first time, keep moving on till the end, while noting down the areas which lack clarity. As you go back to it, most of the times, it becomes easier to gauge the accent, style and pitch.

* In case you have an acquaintance, you may make the person listen to the recordings. Their suggestions might help you cope up with the unclear portions in a better manner.

* In case you come across some industry specific jargon or any company name that you are unable to comprehend clearly, you may try out the method of typing the same in Google phonetically and view the results. As you type the letters, watch the words that automatically come up, and you might get the word that you want.

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Analyzing the Need for Online Transcription Schools


If you are looking forward to learn video or audio file transcription, so that you can create a strong foothold in the transcribing industry, remember that there is almost no certified or accredited course that is available online. So far as general transcription is concerned, it encompasses a vast array of solutions to cater to presentations, meetings, podcasts, focus groups, sermons, interviews, investigations, and lots more. Basically anything that one can record can be transcribed through the help of professional service providers, when organizations outsource transcription work. Moreover, there is no specific format for the final document to be delivered or any set of terminologies that can be applied to the job in general.

When you are planning to learn transcription online, beware of the schools which charge a lot of money and do not provide sufficient information, but claim to give you a diploma or certificate that might seem quite lucrative. Conduct proper research to find out affordable and suitable courses that will give you proper knowledge in the field without being too expensive. In fact, with some amount of research along with the appropriate tools and certain programs available for free, you can conveniently learn the art of video or audio file transcription and make a living through the same.

Here’s a checklist of the capabilities you can acquire from these online schools, so that you are capable of working with service providers, to whom organizations outsource transcription:

* Almost all kinds of transcribing work, including legal, medical, or even general ones, requires above average English skills, in terms of spelling, punctuation and grammar. Along with this, you should also have good computer knowledge, especially word processing software.

* You may also learn some essential technical skills from these online schools, such as the procedure of using FTP and email, downloading, receiving, or sending digital audio files from the internet, and the like.

* Although this can be majorly acquired on your own, you can even practice listening skills from the online schools.

* To be competent with video or audio file transcription you need to possess good typing speed, around 65-90 wpm or more. If you are capable of typing at a good pace, you can deliver the work within a quick turnaround time and this will ultimately ensure more work.

Online schools are beneficial for updating yourself with certain transcription skills. However, you need to find out the most effective one that offers optimum training at an affordable cost or for free.

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An Insight into Voice Transcription Services


Voice to text transcription refers to the process through which a recorded audio is converted to a textual document. With the advancement in technology, it has been found that audio transcription has become very convenient, especially with the presence of a plethora of speech identifying software. The entire process is carried out by an expert professional, who is known as the voice transcriber.

Listening to proper phonetics is very important though a number of transcribers make use of software for speech recognition in order to check whether they are providing correct service or not. In short it is a kind of service where a spoken matter is transformed in the form of text and this service can be availed by any one like corporate, student, writer and so on.


Almost all transcribers offer add on services such as sermons to text transcription, post card to text transcription, church transcription and more in combination with the main service. Though transcription service is quite convenient to provide, it calls for careful attention regarding the minutest details, spelling, grammar and above all the quality which one cannot afford to ignore in order to provide premier service.  To render best quality service it is necessary to pay more attention to some specific areas such as proof reading, the words incorporated, the meaning of the textual matter, which should not be different from the actual recorded one.

In fact voice to text transcription involves a vast area as this can also be used for research work, conference, lecture, television serial, focus group, forums, meetings, reports, speech, discussion, manuscript, teleconference and lots more. These all have become possible due to the advancement of technology. It has been found that a lot of transcription services software are providing free of cost services through the internet. But it is very unfortunate that Google voice transcription process is only available in English which may create trouble for many people who do not understand the language, or are not good at interpreting it.

Not only companies, even freelancers are providing the service at an affordable cost. In fact, both the companies and the freelancers have entered into a kind of price war, each announcing a price, which is lower than that quoted by the other. Most of the freelancers as well as the service providing agencies are very experienced in this field and provides good service with understanding of the correct meaning, spelling, grammar, wordings and the like. Hence, you can avail the services of any one of these experts for effective and accurate voice to text transcription solutions.

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