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Answering Services

How much time does it take to get started with answering services?

It all depends on the account setup. Usually, we get our answering service started within hours. Before activating the account, we review the setup to make sure answering service works without any glitch. This is important for hassle free service delivery.

How to forward phone lines? Can you do it on your own?

The process of activating or deactivating call forwarding can differ from one Telephone Company to another. The phone system can also sometimes require additional adjustments. The most common process of activating call forwarding is as follows:
Dial ________ from the line you want to forward On hearing the dial tone, enter the call forwarding number given to you by Portiva team. When the phone rings and is picked by our receptionist, please inform him/her that you are forwarding your phone. In case you want to deactivate the service for any reason, just dial ____from the forwarded line.

How calls are transferred from my office to your service?

A unique number is dedicated to your account. Whenever you transfer a call to the unique number from your office, our automated system identifies your number and furnishes the data to the customer service representative. The representative consults your account details to answer the queries as per earlier discussion.

How will you deliver the business messages?

When it comes to message delivery, you have a vast number of options to choose from. We can deliver the message through text message, fax, email, and even phone call. It all depends on your convenience and chosen option.

Can I get my messages delivered to someone else or a group of people?

We will deliver the messages to anyone you want. And there is no limit to the number of people. All such details will be managed in the initial setup.

Is there any provision for custom greeting and script changes?

Yes. You can record your greeting just the way you like and make changes in the script as many times you wish.

What are the chances of hardware or software failure?

Our answering service uses a sophisticated system that is supported with multiple backups. In case of a telephone outage, there are different telephone carriers ready to take over. Your business calls are important to us and we make sure that your customers get the service at every point of time.

What if I have offices scattered in multiple states?

No matter how many business addresses you have, Portiva answering services have the technology and staff to manage them all. We can manage all the calls in one account or create separate accounts for each office. It all depends on your choice.

Is it possible to transfer my cell phone calls to your answering service?

Yes! You can easily transfer calls from your mobile to Portiva phone answering service.

Will I get all my business messages even if I am traveling overseas?

We will make sure you stay updated while traveling around the globe. Just discuss your overseas travel schedule with our support team and we will ensure easy access to your messages. We tried our best to address all the queries through these frequently asked questions but in case we missed anything, our support team would be happy to help. Just send us a mail at or dial 800-977-3534 to speak with us.
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